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Thurs: 9am --1pm
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Dear Fred's Bread Retail Customers

Due to a sudden growth in our Bread Wholesale Accounts, we are unable to staff our Retail area as we would like and will be reducing our Retail hours and our pastries.

Until our retail staffing issues get resolved, beginning August 24th, we will be open only on Thursdays from 9am to 1pm. Retail will be supplied with Bread Only.

Mandy and I understand this is a inconvenience for many of our valued Retail Customers. We thank you very much for you continued support.

Fred's Bread is an independent, owner-operated Minnesota retail/ wholesale bakery led by the husband and wife team of Fred Mische and Mandy Chowen in Eden Prairie MN.

We offer you a unique selection of breads, pastries and dessert
tarts. Everything is made from scratch using only quality top shelf  ingredients, from incredible flours, to European-Style quality butter to superb ganaches.

Fred insists that each of his breads has its own separate poolish (long dough fermentation)  formula.  Each loaf must be hand shaped before it is baked in a steam injected stone hearth oven.

Mandy demands that her quality ingredients highlight the flavor and seasonality of her pastries.  Many of the pastries use an  85% butter fat European Style butter.

Neither one of them believe in short cuts.

Where Can I Purchase Fred's Bread

Fred's Bread in Eden Prairie

Hampden Park Coop in St. Paul, MN

East Side Food Coop in Northeast Minneapolis

The Good Earth Food Coop in St. Cloud, MN


Seward Community Coop in Minneapolis

Sikora’s Polish Market in Northeast Minneapolis


What Restaurants Use Fred's Bread

Coop Creamery Cafe in Mpls

Jules Bistro In St. Cloud

Max's Cafe in Mpls